Ron Spatz

Ron Spatz is a Multiple Graded Stakes Winning Trainer and has over 791 Wins  Under his belt.  As a lifelong Animal Lover, he has dedicated his life and career to the training of horses.


Are you looking for a trainer for your thoroughbred? If you’re looking for a trainer that spends time with the horses on almost a daily basis, you’ll appreciate the personal care that Ron Spatz brings to training. This care goes way above and beyond what other horse trainers do.

Ron believes there is nothing more important than the time spent with the horse and the experience he brings to the table. He never stables more than 25 horses at a time, giving each animal the hands-on time and personal training they need. What more could you want in a qualified thoroughbred trainer?

What sets Ron Spatz apart is his personal care that goes way above and beyond what many of the other super horse trainers do. Every day he is there with the horses and even calls it ‘his religion.’ He’s there day in and day out, doing what he loves with very little time off except for horse sales.

Being a horse trainer is all about winning races and keeping horses in the barn.

Ron knows the better you do the more horses you get to train.

Currently Ron has over 770 career wins and made over 16 million in purse earnings.

Ron Spatz got his start back in 1971 while working a summer job in his college years. He gravitated towards what he loved and headed down to the race track and started walking horses.

This is the customary job for a beginner who has his sites set on eventually becoming a trainer.

So Ron became a hot walker, walking the horses after their exercise.

After showing some excellent initiative in this 1st level position he was moved up to a grooming position. As a pony boy he cleaned, bathed, put bandages on the ponies. And because of the excellence he showed in that position he was quickly moved into a groom position.

Ron spent 6 years grooming and another 4 years as an assistant to other trainers before setting out on his own. In 1981 he took out his trainer license and began a successful career.

A successful trainer knows how to keep horses in the barn and win races. Ron knows how to do both. After starting with just 2 horses at the beginning he had moved to 25 horses that he was training within 2 years. He has found that, for his way of doing things, stabling no more than 25 horses is the ideal to allow for the hands-on training and detailed attention that he has become known for.

Being a horse trainer is all about winning races and keeping horses in the barn. The more races you win the more horses you get.

Some of his more famous horses include, Carterista, a Florida bred, grass horse who won most of the major stake races in Florida.